Fabio Sanzogni, Fine Artist
Through Fabio's works you can find and read the modern society in evolution, and moreover a society of the future.

That is way his range of works encompass such a variety of production.

The Dynamism of evolution of life and not the status quo of a secure recognized stile, is his drive and challenge.

He uses Renaissance colours that express both emotion and experience born out of his life in Italy and transition into life in the US.

The perfection of forms of lines in his pieces is subordinated to the emphasis of the energy of the wavelength that is perhaps indigenous to the colour within the scheme of the piece.

He believes that knowledge of techniques, an understanding of mankind and what is behind our desire to create, and a study of our many costumes and ideas, can give the artist those means for contributing to the progression and evolution of art.

His works are embedded with the philosophy that art is a  past, present and futuristic civilization's map, and the only real mean to secure a place for it in History.
About His Work

Fabio Sanzogni, painter, sculptor, designer and muralist, Italian born and permanent resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, USA.

Born in an Italian Alps' valley, he was exposed to art, since the age of 6, thorough prehistoric stone carvings - see Vallecamonica.

Historically, this valley was positioned along the trade routes between the Mediterranean shores to the Northern territories of Russia.

Paleolithic ( 15,000 b.c.) traces are still found but mostly from 6,000 b.c. to the Iron Age and Year 0.

The most known cultures to leave traces of art were: Italics, Celtics, Gauls, Roman, and Longobards to name a few, from the middle ages to Venetians, Napoleonic France and Austro-Hungarian.

The old frescoes in his grandfather's house and the life of theater gave him the passion for colours and composition.

Interest that later become a refined skill in the "bottega."

"Bottega" - Italian for workshop - was, and is still for most, the place where the old masters were conducting the daily job and apprenticeship for the pupils.

In 1987 co-founded and directed L"Atelier, a set designing company that in less than 5 years created sets for more than 120 plays and shows for Opera Theaters, TV networks and more; from opera to operetta, ballet, plays, commedia dell'arte, musicals for major theaters in Italy and abroad.

Living a life of a bohemian, he landed in the US in 1992, becoming permanent resident and citizen a few years later. Founding Studio d'Arte- studiodarteonline.com- and integrating his Fine Art with Architectural Decorations ( a very good example of his skills in the sector is the monumental frescoes work for a Napa Valley castle/winery, in Northern California).

About The Artist

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